THE MONKEES - Season 1 (1966-1967)

September 12, 1966 to September 4, 1967
32 Episodes (16 rerun - 16 not rerun)

Followed By:

8:00-8:30 PMI Dream Of Jeannie
8:30-9:00 PMThe Roger Miller Show (9/12/-12/26/66)
Captain Nice (1/9/-8/28/67)
9:00-10:00 PMThe Road West
10:00-11:00 PMRun For Your Life

Other Networks:

ABC:The Iron Horse (first half)7:30-8:00 PM
CBS:Gilligan's Island7:30-8:00 PM

*Aired once on NBC-TV.

Episode # Episode Title/Log Line Production # Airdate Rating/Share
1.“The Royal Flush”
The Monkees are hip to a plot endangering the life
of The Princess Bettina, Duchess of Harmonica.
4701 (9-12-66) 15.4/28.5
2.“Monkee See, Monkee Die”
The Monkees head for a creepy manor on a fog-shrouded island
to learn about their inheritance.
4705 (9-19-66) 16.9/30.5
3.“Monkee Versus Machine”
The Monkees, in need of rent money, go job hunting
in a computerized toy factory.
4700 (9-26-66) 15.7/27.4
4.“Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”
The shady manager of a rival band sells The Monkees
on a publicity stunt: a phony kidnapping.
4703 (10-3-66) 17.9/31.7
5.“The Spy Who Came In From The Cool”
At a music store, foreign agents mistake
The Monkees for spy contacts.
4702 (10-10-66) 15.8/28.1
6.“The Success Story”
David's grandfather is coming for a visit, so the boys
conspire to make David rich and successful.
4710 (10-17-66) 16.1/28.1
7.“The Monkees In A Ghost Town”
Stranded in a ghost town after The Monkeemobile runs out of gas,
The Monkees are held prisoner by bank robbers.
4704 (10-24-66) 17.1/29.2
8.“Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth”*
The Monkees have a horse in their pad, no hay to feed it,
and no explanation for their landlord!
4708 (10-31-66) 16.5/30.5
9.“The Chaperone”*
David can't date a retired general's daughter unless
a chaperone is present, so Micky suits up like a lady.
4711 (11-7-66) 17.8/28.8
10.“Here Come The Monkees”
(Original Pilot Film)

The boys use their Monkee magic to give a cram
course in history to a young girl.
4091 (11-14-66) 18.5/30.5
11.“Monkees A La Carte”*
A gangster has taken over the boys' favourite Italian restaurant,
so they disguise themselves as The Purple Flower Gang.
47?? (11-21-66) 19.9/33.1
12.“I've Got A Little Song Here”
Monkee madness begins when Michael is conned out of
$99.95 by a phony music publisher.
4707 (11-28-66) 18.8/30.1
13.“One Man Shy”
(a.k.a. "Peter And The Debutante")

Bashful Peter gets help from his fellow Monkees when he
tries to win the heart of a pretty debutante.
47?? (12-5-66) 18.3/31.2
14.“Dance, Monkee, Dance”*
The Monkees use disguises, snappy patter, and fancy footwork
to weasel out of a lifetime contract for dancing lessons.
47?? (12-12-66) 18.6/31.3
15.“Too Many Girls”
(a.k.a. "Davy And Fern")
An ambitious stage mother is determined to use
lovestruck David to promote her daughter's career.
47?? (12-19-66) N/A
16.“The Son Of A Gypsy”
Threatened with torture, The Monkees steal a priceless
statuette for a band of gypsies.
4724 (12-26-66) 16.1/30.1
17.“The Case Of The Missing Monkee”
The Monkees almost lose Peter but foil
the abduction of a nuclear scientist.
4731 (1-9-67) 19.6/30.7
18.“I Was A Teenage Monster”*
A mad scientist transplants The Monkees' musical
talent into the body of a monster.
47?? (1-16-67) 19.9/30.0
19.“Find The Monkees”
(a.k.a. "The Audition")
A TV producer searches for The Monkees,
unaware that they can't get to see him.
4721 (1-23-67) 19.2/30.0
20.“The Monkees In The Ring”*
A crooked fight promoter convinces
David he can be world champ.
47?? (1-30-67) 21.0/31.6
21.“The Prince And The Paupers”*
David doubles for a lookalike Peruvian Prince, who must find
a bride or forfeit his Throne to an evil Count.
4733 (2-6-67) 21.8/32.9
22.“The Monkees At The Circus”*
The Monkees pose as aerialists
to save a small, foundering circus.
47?? (2-13-67) 22.0/33.3
23.“Captain Crocodile”
The star of a local kiddie TV show
fears The Monkees are taking over.
4730 (2-20-67) 21.0/32.5
24.“Monkees A La Mode”*
The Monkees recieve an award for grace, chic
and gentitlity...which they can't live up to!
47?? (2-27-67) 21.7/33.3
25.“Alias Micky Dolenz”*
Micky's striking resemblance to a #1 killer
involves The Monkees with The Mob.
4726 (3-6-67) 20.7/32.3
26.“Monkee Chow Mein”
The Monkees tangle with a Red Chinese spy ring when
Peter takes the wrong fortune cookie.
47?? (3-13-67) 21.0/34.1
27.“Monkee Mother”
When The Monkees fall behind in their rent the landlord
moves in another tenant who takes over the pad and The Monkees.
47?? (3-20-67) 19.3/30.5
28.“The Monkees On The Line”*
The Monkees get everyone's wires crossed
when they take over an answering service.
47?? (3-27-67) 21.6/35.9
29.“The Monkees Get Out More Dirt”*
The Monkees' friendship is threatened when
they all fall for the same girl.
47?? (4-3-67) 19.1/34.0
30.“The Monkees In Manhattan”
(a.k.a “The Monkees Manhattan Style”)
Trying to crash Broadway, The Monkees
get up to their ears in rabbits.
47?? (4-10-67) 18.7/31.4
31.“The Monkees At The Movies”*
The Monkees have a run-in with a snobbish movie idol
on the set as extras in a beach movie.
4727 (4-17-67) N/A
32.“The Monkees On Tour”
Thousands of screaming fans greet The Monkees'
first public appearance tour.
47?? (4-24-67) 21.2/37.3


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